Oasis Sunrooms & Spa               
The Ideal Personal Paradise
Dr. Cisco Victa and His Wife Kati Victa
Our Vision: A Church of Empowerment
Our Vision here at CCC East is to empower people in every area of their
life through the Gospel of Christ. By building and establishing a Word of
Faith Mega Center we envision CCC East as a hub for hundreds and
thousands of other churches, missions, and faith based businesses.
Our vision is to impact millions with the message of faith, healing,
prosperity, and total-life empowerment.

A Teaching-Based Ministry
We believe the Word of God is fully inspired by the Holy Spirit. By
teaching and declaring the Word of God in its fullness, we know people
will come out of darkness and into light, out of poverty and into wealth,
out of sickness and into health, and out of defeat and into victory.

Fallon & Sons
Concrete Floors, LLC
Specialist in Quality Architectual Concrete Flatwork  Since 1968
Residentail & Commercial
Thomas E. Fallon              39 Stearns Road
603-672-3615                   Amherst, NH 03031
Kyle Parent
Account Manager
Cell 603-817-1113                  Bus: 800-225-3580
E-mail: kyle.parent@ahharris.com
225 west Road-Portsmouth, NH 03801
Premier Concrete
Premier Concrete Construction,
LLC is located in southern New
Hampshire.  The company was
established in 1998 by partners,
Scott Muhonen and Eric Traffie.
We install concrete flatwork and
foundations for commercial
projects. We are a Bomanite
franchisee for Imprinted concrete.

614 Gibbons Highway
Wilton, NH 03086Phone: 603-654-2471
Fax: 603-654-2306